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Ready to go all the way? FSIHS’ Center for Integrative Health Research can take your project from start to finish. Whether your end goal is drug approval, structure and function claims, product substantiation, or enhanced scientific support, our team will manage the entire process for you. End-t0-end solutions alleviate the burden of IND management, regulatory approvals, protocol development, and implementation, providing you with a full service package.

Full Service Packages Include:

  • Feasibility or Pilot Studies
  • IND Compilation & Submission
  • Clinical Trial Protocols
  • Regulatory Document Management, Including Research Ethics
  • Participant Recruitment
  • Site Selection, Training, and Monitoring, if applicable
  • Clinical Trial Management and Execution
  • Data Collection and Biostatistics
  • Clinical Trial Reporting
  • Manuscripts for Submission to Peer Reviewed Journals
  • Research Dissemination at Scientific Conferences

Results that make a difference

Some CROs provide simple cookie-cutter packages with general statistical reports. Our complete packages are developed with your end goal in mind, providing you user-friendly reports, submission ready documentation, and management of regulatory processes, where applicable. Our team even compiles a research overview in lay terms for delivery to your entire team. Your sales department will love this user-friendly approach.

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