Research Services for Stalled or Unfinished Trials

Sometimes your clinical trial needs to be rescued

If your research is stalled, you’re not alone! In recent years, close to 80% of clinical trials fail to meet their enrollment deadlines and nearly 50% of research sites enroll either one patient or none at all. What does this mean for you? Lost revenue for every single day these delays keep you from your new claims.

In the nutraceutical/integrative health industry, clinical trials are a relatively new concept. While the total number of clinical trials registered has skyrocketed, the number of published trials remains stagnant. Many clinical trials, particularly in the integrative health industry, remain unfinished due to delays, mismanagement, or unforeseen  complications.

Our Research Rescue Team Will:

  • Reviews and updates to protocols to correct preliminary errors
  • Analysis of outcome markers to identify modifications that may reduce the study’s complexity
  • Transfer of data collection to sites that return greater patient enrollment
  • Management of FDA documentation and IND updates, if applicable
  • Updates to the IRB authorization, protocols, and other regulatory tasks
  • Comprehensive data analysis, with meaningful results

Don’t leave your investment on the table

If you have a clinical trial that is stalled, or you suspect may be at risk, rescuing your research should happen sooner rather than later. Leaving a clinical trial unfinished leaves product substantiation claim potential untapped. Our team has the necessary skills to take over the process, saving your investment from loss.