Sourcing Scientific Substantiation

Use existing research to your advantage 

The scientific literature is a wealth of valuable information that might hold potential to support your product’s claims or to defend your product (or key ingredients) against risk-based claims. Our team has the expertise to conduct a comprehensive review of the literature and analyze the quality of existing evidence within the context of the specific methodology that has been used. 

A systematic literature review can:

  • Raise awareness of the benefits of your ingredient or product in the scientific community
  • Substantiate claims regarding a key ingredient in your formulation 
  • Evaluate existing claims regarding key ingredients 
  • Generate new marketing opportunities for your product in the natural products market

Scientific interpretation and summarization

A comprehensive literature review presents a complete and thorough summary of the entire body of scientific knowledge on the effects of your product or key ingredients within your product. This presents a wide range of marketing opportunities and boosts consumer confidence in the safety and efficacy of your product. Our team has the ability to interpret the existing data within the context of its methodology, ensuring that scientific reviews are accurate and correctly reflect what has been discovered regarding your products and/or key ingredients.