Botanical Ingredient Claims

Botanical ingredients provide a wide range of possibilities in formulation and FDA-compliant product claims. Our team of researchers includes experienced herbalists who can identify marketing potential for your products and create a custom plan to boost your product’s success.

  • Personal Care Products – we conduct the necessary studies to substantiate cosmetic claims for FTC compliance

  • Dietary Supplements – we can identify potential structure/function claim potential and confirm those actions in your internal use products

  • Recognized Drugs – whether you are looking at OTC monographs or the NDA route, our team can conduct the required studies to unlock new marketing potential

Herbal Expertise

Because the herbal products market is rapidly growing, it is critical that your product have clinical trial substantiation. This provides a competitive edge that enables it to stand out in the marketplace. Clinical research provides substantiation that can’t be obtained by relying on traditional use. Our team provides the scientific and regulatory expertise to create plans that enable you to confirm your product’s safety, efficacy, and health-related claims.

What solutions are available for botanical ingredients?

  • Clinical Trials
  • Epidemiological Studies for Safety
  • Health Claim Substantiation
  • IND/NDA Pathway for Drug Approval
  • Comprehensive Literature Reviews
  • Meta-Analyses
  • Feasibility Studies

Explore the Possibilities

Contact our team to learn more about our botanical ingredient research services and cost estimates for product substantiation projects.

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