Protect your study from false negatives and excess costs

In any research project, the plan for data collection and analysis is the most vulnerable and critical element. The wrong data analysis plan can fail to find your product’s effects, resulting in misleading and damaging results from your investment.

Our research team understands the importance of your data and can develop a customized plan to meet your unique needs. This protects your research strategy from false negative findings, ensures that your studies are conducted using the correct sample size, and reduces the risk of oversampling for each project. The end result of this effort is a timely, cost-effective research project.

Data Management Services Include:

Analysis plans customized for your needs

Our procedures ensure that the quality and privacy of your data are protected during collection, analysis, and reporting. We ensure secure management of your data, with mid-point and final analysis plans. Data are cleaned, reviewed internally, coded, and stored internally to ensure the integrity of your project.

Our statistical analysis plans are customized to your study and project’s unique needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to analysis. This places your entire study at risk of failure due to inappropriate analysis. Simple t-tests may be insufficient to identify the full spectrum of your product’s results. While many statisticians simply pick and choose basic analytical methods, we take into consideration your objectives, the nature of the data, and other unique factors to ensure that all noteworthy findings are identified and reported.

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