Working with FSIHS

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Ready to work with us? Getting Started The first step is to contact us to set up a conference call. This complimentary 60-90 minute call enables our team to learn more about your project and your team's end goals. We recommend having your chief scientific [...]

FDA Prescription Drug Approval

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How do you develop an FDA-approved drug? Drug Development: Step by Step Discovery & Development: This is typically the longest phase of the process. During this time, you are identifying active ingredients and developing your formulation. Pre-Clinical Drug Development: For most chemical prescription drugs, this [...]

Clinical Trial Process

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Clinical Trials in 3 Steps Step 1: The Start Up Period Immediately after coming to an agreement on a clinical research partnership, the FSIHS Research team begins the Start-Up Period, which is the most labor-intensive step of your project. During this step, all of the [...]

Reducing Clinical Trial Costs

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See how our expertise makes clinical research budget-friendly Research professionals who understand your bottom line Clinical trials in the integrative health world are typically seen as luxury expenditures, far exceeding the budgets of most companies in the field. After all, a research team is required [...]

Why Studies Fail

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Not all clinical research investments produce results Make your study fail-proof When entering into clinical research, the greatest concern is typically whether or not the study will provide evidence that the product works at its intended purpose. But a far greater risk is the study [...]

Science can’t be borrowed

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Are there risks with using existing studies? Can research be borrowed? With the recent emphasis on clinical research in product formulation, a trend of borrowing research has emerged. Borrowing research refers to the use of existing research to identify the capabilities of an ingredient in [...]