Unique Expertise

The FSIHS Research Center investigates botanical products, dietary ingredients, nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements for safety and efficacy. As one of the nation's leading clinical research sites for natural product evaluation, our team conducts clinical research for some of the world's leaders in preventive and integrative health. 

  • Scientific Experience – our team includes leaders in various health fields, including scientific research, nutrition, nursing practice, and public health
  • Integrative Health – we are the only research firm to ensure that every researcher on our team is also fully trained in herbalism, aromatherapy, and/or other integrative health modalities
  • Collaborative – Our team collaborates with medical facilities, health experts, and data scientists across the nation and around the globe to ensure your project has a custom solution that fits your needs

Dr. Jessie Hawkins is the Director of Research; she brings close to 20 years of experience in the integrative health industry. She is widely published in this area and is speaks at national and international integrative health conferences.

“The natural products industry contains massive potential for claim substantiation and even the development of FDA-approved drugs. Companies willing to invest in this market have a wide open market waiting for them to dominate.”

Jessie Hawkins, PhD, Research Director

Diverse Leadership

The FSIHS Center for Research is uniquely able to offer expertise in clinical research and integrative health. Our team of researchers are fully trained integrative health professionals, ensuring your product is analyzed appropriately.

The standard for claims substantiation continues to rise. As consumers and regulatory agencies increase their demands, the companies who invest in human research are those which will have the competitive edge.

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